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Induction Heating

Principles of Induction Heating

What is induction heating?
Induction heating is raising the temperature of metalic parts by the transfer of electrical energy from a high frequency alternating current carrying heating coil.
The coil creates a magnetic field in such a way that the current is caused to flow around the working piece.
The resistance to this current flow in the metal cases it to heat up.

How far should the work piece be from the coil?
The magnetic field varies inversely as the square of the distance from the surface of the work.
For maximum heating, the coil should be arranged close to the work piece.

Operating Frequency
What is induction heating used for?
Induction heating is used for soldering, brazing, hardening, heat-treating, forging, melting, and other applications.

Induction Heater 4KVA

Input Voltage Range: 180-245V<
Maximum input power 4KVA
Maximum input current 18A
Duty Cycle: 80%+
Input voltage single phase 220V 50-60Hz
Output frequency 100-250KHz
Output heat current 100A-400A
Cooling water pressure >=0.2Mpa water flux >2L/min
Heat current and retain current 100A-400A
Heat time, retain time, cooling time 0.1-9.9 seconds
Size W20xH44xL46
Weight 18KG (104F)

$2600 - FREE shipping - UPDATE: Due to more popular demand and wider uses for the 15KVA

Induction Heaters, will not be carrying the 4KVA model in 2011.

Induction Heater 15KVA

Input Voltage: 220V single Phase
Input Voltage Range: 180-245V
Maximum Oscillate Power: 15KVA
Duty Cycle: 80%+
Output Oscillate Frequency: 20-80KHz
Heat Oscillate Current: 200-600A
Ratain Oscillate Current: 200-600A
Heating Time: 0.1-9.9 seconds or 1-99 seconds
Retain Time: 0.1-1-9.9 seconds or 1-99 seconds
Cooling Time: 0.1-9.9 seconds or 1-99 seconds
Cooling Water Pressure > 0.2MPa
Cooling Temperature < 40C (104F)
Cooling water Flux >3L/min
Weight Unit: 12Kg
Weight Transformer: 10.5 Kg
Size Unit: 194X430X470mm
Size Transformer: 190x260x290mm (104F)
Conceting Line Length: 2 meters

$4000 - FREE shipping

Payment options
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