The advanced ICP-988 ULPA UV Ionic Air Purifier contains many features required to sterilize and refresh your indoor air. Remove that stale feeling today, without constantly using household cleaners, which can be expensive and can include unsafe chemical by-products.

This unit has smart, energy concious features such as automatic timing and a pollution sensor. It uses a combined activated carbon (charcoal granules)/photocatalyst TiO2 filter, in addition to the ULPA and pre-filters. This incredibly efficient unit uses only 60 watts of power on it maximum speed setting with both UV lamps on, less energy used than a bright light bulb! and
Inexpensive filter replacements less than $30 per year (for all 4 replaceable filters).

Beneficial from both a air purification and economic point of view.

Absolutely no shipping. For a limited time, we are offering a reduced springtime price on this unit only! Order Now....
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